In it’s long history, the club has boasted many champions, state, national and international.  Former student Shaun Bell placed second at the World Junior Championships in 2001, and more recently Riana Loffel was the only female Queenslander to represent Australia at the Junior World Titles in Madrid. Previous to that she competed at the Austrian Open and World Junior Cup in Corfu where she won bronze.

The dojo was started in 1990 and over the decades has taught hundreds of students.  Sensei Mick Belletty passed away and a memorial competition is held in his honour each year.

Sensei Ann Hill teaches all levels of students with all abilities. Some will have the capacity to go to National titles and others may just compete at local level or not compete at all.

Students from young to mature can all benefit from the training.  Self defence is a vital skill and is learned along with fitness, strength, confidence, coordination which are all factors in building self esteem and reducing the prospects of bullying.

Kumite is sparring.  This is conducted under a controlled environment.  The rules in karate are quite strict and are adhered to in the club.  In <16’s there is no facial contact – penalties will be given.  At senior level, controlled contact to the head is permitted.  Body contact for all ages is controlled.  Excessive contact is penalized.  These are the World Karate Federation Rules.  As a referee, these will be followed in my dojo.

Another form of karate is kata, a pattern of self defence movements done with precise techniques.  The club follows the Shotokan style of kata.

Karate is about respect, honour and self control.  It is important for all karate-ka (students) to show respect to instructors, fellow students and themselves at all times.




You’ll learn about committing to something in order to achieve success. You will learn about goal setting (each grading a level of achievement).


You learn about fitness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll master push-ups and sit-ups.


You’ll have some fun and meet new friends. In some cases, you will get to travel to big competitions.

It will reduce the risk of bullying as you will be confident with who you are and become.


You will gain self-control, learn more about what you are capable of. You learn about success and failure and how to react honourably to both. You will learn rules and repercussions of not abiding to them.


You’ll learn how to perform in front of an audience. And you’ll know how to defend yourself.